The Quality Policy adopted by TEXTEL Company Management Board makes an integral part of the Company's strategy and is strictly followed by all of the employees.

Our Company's success depends on the top quality services we provide.

TEXTEL Company Board believe that the quality of the offered services stands in close connection with good economic effects making it possible to expand in the market, improve efficiency and develop the company on a long run.

Therefore the supreme target of our business is to:

- continuous improvement of the services quality

- customer satisfaction.

The above is implemented by all the staff by:

- qualification mastering for best work efficiency and quality at every job position,

- inspiring friendly and helpful team work,

- introducing modern management methods, including the improvement of the Quality System to conform to PN-EN ISO 9001:2000,

- making use of the latest technologies.

We want our company to make profits and be successful, develop and take care of work ethics and self-realisation of its employees.